Revolutionising Food and Feed in Malaysia: Alternative Proteins Forum in Johor Bahru (By Invitation)

Alternative proteins, derived from various sources like plants, animals, insects, and microbial fermentation, are reshaping the global protein industry with a market size of USD 60.45 billion. They offer more food options for consumers who prefer meatless diets and align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address poverty, climate change, and environmental sustainability. Insect protein has multiple applications beyond feed, including waste management and agriculture. To support the growth of the novel food industry in Malaysia, a clear regulatory pathway, ethical guidelines, and public awareness strategies are essential. This forum aims to explore opportunities and facilitate discussions among key stakeholders.

Who Should Attend:
Scientists, industry players, policymakers, government agencies, and Islamic authorities. Your presence will contribute to invaluable discussions and facilitate collaboration among industry leaders.

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Join us in unraveling the limitless potential of alternative proteins and discover how they are innovating sustainable food production. Together, we can shape a brighter and more nourishing future for all.

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