MABIC Welcomes Joel William as New Board Member

In a significant development for the biotechnology industry, Joel William, the Founder of Medhini Group, has been appointed as a new board member at the esteemed Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC). This appointment marks a remarkable milestone for both Joel and Medhini Group as they embark on a mission to advance biotechnology and science, technology, and innovation in Malaysia and globally.

Joel’s diverse career journey, transitioning from a biotechnologist to an expert in constructing cutting-edge industrial facilities, has earned him recognition in the field. Having previously served as a manager handling communication and policies at MABIC, Joel’s passion and dedication for biotechnology led him to excel in a prominent German corporate company before founding Medhini Group—a firm renowned for driving greenfield and brownfield high-tech industrial projects with a focus on sustainability.

Excited about his new role, Joel expressed, “I am extremely honoured to be appointed as a board member at MABIC. The organisation and Ts. Dr. Mahaletchumy Arujanan are very close to my heart for their passion in the development of biotechnology in Malaysia, and I am committed to leveraging my expertise to support MABIC’s mission.”

With Joel on board, Medhini Group and MABIC are poised to foster stronger connections within the industry and champion bioindustry development. One of his first initiatives is co-organising the Forum on Alternative Proteins, scheduled for August 16th in Johor Bahru. This forum aims to bring together key industry players to explore innovative approaches to alternative protein sources and their potential impact on global food security and sustainability.

The partnership between Medhini Group and MABIC reinforces our shared commitment to drive advancements in biotechnology, with a focus on creating a positive impact on society and the environment. Together, we envision propelling Malaysia’s biotech industry to new heights and solidifying the nation’s position as a global leader in scientific progress.

Joel’s appointment marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, one that promises transformative contributions to the biotechnology landscape.

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